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In Pune, K K Multi Services Repair is a trustworthy and well-known appliance. K K Multi Services specializes in the installation and repair of high-quality appliances. We’re a group of licensed technicians who can handle everything from minor repairs to severe failures.

We at K K Multi Services hold optimal repair solutions for all the popular brands in Pune. Regardless of the type of appliances and issue, we are able to offer a satisfactory solution for all the problems. Any disruption with the smooth functioning of the appliance can hamper your routine life. Hence, K K Multi Services offers 24×7 quick repair work of the existing appliances.

Besides Washing machine Repair and Maintenance Service we offer Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, Air Conditioner repair and Maintenance service for following Sublocations In Pune.

Air Conditioner Services in Aundh

Summer is gradually but definitely approaching, which indicates one thing: the time to turn on the air conditioner is definitely approaching! At KK Multi Services, we strive to make the installation of your new air conditioner a pleasant experience. We can be your dependable collaborator throughout the entire procedure, from picking the appropriate equipment to set it up. As a leading AC installation provider, we can install the latest air conditioning equipment in your home or company. Our step-by-step process differs depending on your location and the type of AC unit you desire. Our complete AC installation services involve a careful assessment of your needs. Modern residential air conditioners require far less setup than large commercial air conditioners. Depending on the square footage, location, budget, and other factors, our trained professionals can recommend the best AC unit for your house. From beginning to end, our team will offer a high level of professionalism as well as cost-effective services. Whether you have a tiny cottage or a large commercial complex, we offer the skills you need to enjoy safe, long-lasting climate control all year.

Highly Quality Air Conditioning Services

Are you thinking forward to setting up a new air conditioner? Your mission is complete! You can experience comfy, climate-controlled temperatures thanks to KK Multi Services’ wide AC installation services. Upgrade your home or office with the latest modern air conditioning systems now and see how you can benefit from greater air quality, energy-efficient cooling, and cost-effective installation and maintenance services. Contact KK Multi Services today to consult with our professional about your air conditioning service!