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No task is too small for KK Multi Services. We provide business and residential clients with air conditioning, electricity, roofing, and other services. We are the people to call if you need someone to repair your refrigerator or your heating system. We provide affordable pricing as well as good customer service.

Our Team of Expert Technicians

Our team of repair technicians is well-versed in a wide range of appliance equipment manufacturers. They are, in fact, factory-trained and qualified technicians. They are highly skilled in product maintenance, diagnosis, and repair. We also have spares for the majority of the leading appliance brands.

Let Us Help Resolve Your Appliance Issues!

Our objective at KK Multi Services is to deliver quick and inexpensive service to all businesses and residents in our area. Appliances are pricey! You want your equipment to perform and last for years after spending thousands of rupees on it. When an appliance malfunction, not everyone can afford to replace it. Fortunately, most appliance issues can be resolved by a professional repair technician. So, if you have a problem with an appliance, don’t think you have to get a completely new one. Call KK Multi Services and let us assist you!

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