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Air Conditioning Maintenance

Could you imagine going through scorching summers without air conditioning? On the hottest days, your air conditioning system may be your best friend. Make sure to do basic maintenance regularly and to invest in a professional check-up at least once a year. According to experts, proper maintenance can help you save money and reduce your energy consumption.

Here’s a thorough air conditioning maintenance checklist from KK Multi Services to help you keep your system in good performance condition.

Examine the Air Circulation

The most essential thing is to make sure you have enough room around your air conditioner for proper air circulation. The majority of air conditioners have a unit that is located outside your home.

Every spring, examine the area where your air conditioner is placed to ensure that leaves, sticks, and other yard debris are cleaned away.

Significantly Change the Filters

Making sure your filters are changed regularly achieves the same purpose of ensuring adequate air circulation. When you have a blocked filter, your air conditioning system has to work harder to circulate the air throughout the unit, which wears out parts prematurely. Give importance to the recommended life of your filters and replace them on schedule .

Apply Your Senses

A general understanding of how your air conditioning system should sound and appear is an easy process to grasp. If you notice something is not quite right, or if your air conditioner is suddenly producing weird noises or generating strange scents, it might indicate that you require air conditioning repair or maintenance.

Inspect the Coolant Levels

While the first three things on the checklist are simple for almost any householder to complete, the remaining ones may necessitate a bit more expertise. If you are unsure about any of these additional maintenance activities, please contact one of our specialists for assistance.

To keep your air conditioning system working efficiently, the refrigerant or coolant must be at a certain level and pressure. You should check this level periodically, and if it is low, you can contact one of our specialists to refill your system.

Check Ice Formation

Once you have spot ice forming on your air conditioning evaporator coil, you most likely have an air-circulation problem. Check to ensure that your filter and ductwork are both clean.

If you have a lot of ice, you may need to switch off your system, defrost it completely, check the air circulation, and then turn it back on. If the problem persists, it’s a good idea to have one of our experts do an inspection.

Check Connections

Check that all of the electrical wiring, and also the ductwork and another tubing in the system, are tight and secure. Again, understanding how the robust system should look like may need expertise, and you may want to rely on a professional check once a year.

Hiring qualified, skilled experts might be a wise investment in your air conditioning system. Please contact our staff at KK Multi Services if you have any concerns.

Examine Thermostat

The thermostat is a minor component of an air conditioning system, yet it is critical. When your thermostat is damaged, it will not provide the correct information to your air conditioner.

As a result, your system is unable to function properly. Furthermore, if your system cycles on and off too frequently as a result of a faulty thermostat, it can cause long-term harm to your complete air conditioning system.

Contact KK Multi Services, Pune if you haven’t had your air conditioning system tested for a while. Our skilled professionals would be glad to come out and do a full cleaning and check to ensure that your air conditioner is working efficiently.